Welcome to Randy's 1972 Chevelle Malibu Restoration

While attending the MCC Show in 2008 John Truman (2nd from the left) mentioned to Donnie Gates (not pictured) that they should get a few folks together and give Randy a hand with fixing up his 1972 Chevelle Malibu.  The idea was tossed around a bit, each thought it was a great idea, but it just didn't come to be.  The subject was brought up again in June at the MCC 2010 show, discussed and both John and Donnie knew it was time to actually put a plan in action or just let it go.  Letting it go was not an option!  John would do the bodywork and Donnie would gather the help to get the show on the road.

Donnie contacted member Tom Rightler and explained what they were planning.  Tom was immediately on board and it was agreed that he would help.  The initial plan was to contact Randy to pick up the car, install the trunk pan, both the left and right quarter panels and rear deck panel.  The car would then be returned to Randy for him to complete.  The seed had been planted.

As with most these days, everyone got busy and it wasn't until a few months later (December) that this subject would be talked about again. Donnie, John and Tom kicked around the idea of doing a little more, such as paint the car as well, sort of a “mini overhaul”.  It was decided, that YES, this would be a great thing to do for a great guy.  An “insider” was needed, so Donnie contacted Sid Coleman, Randy's cousin. Donnie explained to Sid what they wanted to do and now Sid was on board as well.  Sid was tasked to inconspicuously take pictures of Randy's car, so they could see just what they would be dealing with.  A couple of weeks later the pictures arrived.  Even though the car had been sitting outside, under a tree for quite a while, overall, it didn't look too bad.  Just a little bit of bodywork on the doors and fenders, spray some paint and she would be good as new.  As would be found later, pictures are VERY forgiving.

Here's the pics we received from Sid ...

On February 1, John made the call to Randy.  He explained again that this would be a “side job”, so expect for it to take at least a few months.  Randy again accepted John's proposal and the date was set for John to drop by and pick up the car, February 20, 2011.  Upon arrival, it appeared all of the tires had gone flat.  It was discovered that the car had just actually sunk around 2 inches into the dirt from sitting so long.  Tom hooked up a tow rope and used is 4x4 truck to pul the car to the roadway, where it could be loaded onto the trailer.  As luck would have it, the battery was dead.  A winch was used to pull the car onto the trailer.
A quick overall inspection of the car was done, taking notes of what could possibly be fixed and what would definitely have to be replaced. Before any work was started, pictures were also taken to document the initial state of the car.  Closeups were taken of all of the problem areas, well, those that could be seen...
Once we had taken all of the documentation photos, we could clearly see we would need to do more than just put in the trunk and quarters.  The doors would need some work, as well as the fenders.  Next on the list of things to do was start the engine.  A charged battery was installed and it turned over with little effort, but would not start.  After trying a few other things unsuccessfully to get some juice to the plugs it was decided to forgo the starting and just go ahead and begin the dismantling.

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finally the reveal (when we presented the car to randy). 


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