19th Annual Mid-Atlantic Chevelle Show
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     A few hours later, the field was marked, the gazebo loaded with tables, chairs and everything else we would need for the weekend. A short time later we were off to the Elkton Diner for a well deserved meal. Approximately 30 people attended the Friday night dinner. Before we hit the sack, a few sprinkles led to a nice steady shower. At this point there was no turning back and we would just have to wait until the morning and see how things would go.

     Upon wakening Saturday morning, it wasn’t looking too bad. Well at least at 6:00 a.m. Hey, doesn’t the show start at 9? What the heck are we doing up at 6? No rest for the weary. A quick shower, a little breakfast and off to the field. This year we enforced the rule that no one was allowed on the show field until 8 a.m or until one of the workers arrived. Our Security officer, Dave Havens, did a great job enforcing this one. We opened up shop right on time... 8 a.m.

     It wasn’t long there after that it would start to rain... just a little. A short shower threatened to make it a very long day, but ended up being more of a nonsense than a threat. By 9 a.m. the field was dry and we were in full swing. It was almost sort of a miracle as it continued to rain all around the park, but not in the park. In fact, the clouds parted and the sun shined down upon us for the entire day. Those that were expecting to get a little wet, go a lot sunburned instead!

     Kra-Z got busy spinning the tunes, well actually he turned a little “high tech” this year  himself with a brand new computer system. This was the first time he had actually used the new system, and it worked flawlessly. By noon, the show field was looking pretty good with a little over 120 cars. Dottie and company were kept busy with the registrations. The weekend that could have been a complete disaster had turned into a really fun time!

Throughout the day, Susan Zollers kept the kids (and adults) busy playing games. This included the Fan Belt Toss, Lifter Toss and of course the Hula Hoop Contest. The Hula Hoop contest always draws the younger crowd. Emily got creative and used 4 hoops to give the others a chance.

     A New game this year was the “Honey Pot” races. Here’s how it worked. First you had to get a team of 3 people together. Next, come up with a name for your team. The object of the game was to fill up a plastic cup with water on one end of the playing field, and then run back to where you started and pour what water was left into a bowl that had been placed on the ground. Two teams would go head to head, with the loser being eliminated. The winner was decided by whichever team filled up the bowl the fastest. The winner from each race would then go on to race against the other winners

until all teams had been eliminated, except one. Pretty simple! Oh, by the way, the water on the other end of the field was in a “Honey Pot”, or better known as a “Port-a-Pot”. By 1 p.m. we had enough teams to get things rolling ... or I guess you could say “running”. There was quite a crowd that gathered to watch and there was lots of laughter as the competition was some serious and some so not. Team MCC Cuties (consisting of Don Gray, Susan Zollers and Evelyn Gillis) won the game. Each was awarded $20 cash and a nice trophy.

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