19th Annual Mid-Atlantic Chevelle Show
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     In addition to the games, two seminars were held on Saturday. Al Galdi did a morning talk on COPO Chevelles and special guest Jason Tolleson from SEMA held the afternoon session. Each were well attended and both speakers did a spectacular job!

     Parts vendors were on hand and many had just about sold out early in the morning. Rumor has it that a race in the are was cancelled and many of those people came to our show instead. Return vendors and Major Sponsors, Ground Up and Hinshaws were there delivering pre-orders and of course taking new ones, as well as, having a fine selection of parts for those at the show to choose from. Both of these guys have been with us for a long time and we appreciate their support!

     Chuck and Larae Hanson made the trek from Tennessee. Chuck was extremely busy on Saturday, taking pictures of select cars for a future featers in Chevelle World. He did however find some time to take a few breaks to speak with the participants and spectators.
Debra Radcliffe-Borsch and Karen Mauro worked membership and sold tickets for the cruise dinner.

     At approximately 3:30 p.m. MCC President Donnie Gates started the closing ceremony. First in line was the acknowledgment of the Club Officers and the Major Sponsors. He also acknowledged the clubs that were there; Peach State Chevelles for Georgia, Garden State Chevelles from New Jersey, CanAm Chevelle Club (US/Canada) and the now infamous Rat Pack also from New Jersey. Next in line was the Crystal Class Awards. The Crystal Class consisted of the 2005 Best of Show winner and the 1st place winner from each of the classes from 2005. All but 2 were able to attend. Last but not least was the 50/50. The show for Saturday was officially over, until 5:30 when it would be time to return to the show field for the cruise/dinner/movie.

     As luck would have it, by 5:30 p.m. the rain would finally make its way back to the area. No complaints here! Saturday had been a huge success and a GREAT day to boot! The cruise was held, yes, in the rain. Approximately 30 cars braved the weather and we made our way through the town of North East. Of course it would have been quite a bit nicer to have been able to roll down the windows, cause most of our cars don't have all of the “luxuries” like the models of today. It’s hard to imagine not having AC! Nevertheless, it was still a great cruise. Each year Chuck likes to get in one of the ragtops to take pictures along the way. Well, no one was volunteering to put the top down so he jumped in the back of the Zollers El Camino. By the time we got back, Chuck looked liked a drowned rat. Somehow he managed to keep the camera dry!

     Upon returning to the park, G&L pit beef had a spread ready that was simply delicious! Pit ham, turkey and beef along with sides of potato salad and beans were ready for us to devour. With 70 hungry mouths to feed, George had his hands full cutting and slicing. The line moved very well and it wasn’t long before there were folks in line for seconds. The rain kept us from showing the movie at the park, but the Crystal Inn accommodated by offering the conference room. The movie of choice was Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry, an oldie but a goodie!

     Sunday started off just about like Saturday... only it didn't get any better. Scattered showers were in the area and we were part of the scattered. The sun was nowhere to be found. Nonetheless we still had another 10 cars show up before the end of registration. In between the showers, the judges darted out on the field and got the job done. As it did not look like the weather was going to get any better, the call was made to end the show a little early, basically after the results for the winners were ready. One final note, it had been decided on Friday that if it rained, the undercarriages of the cars would be judged only in the case of needing a tie breaker.

     With the lower number turnout because of the rain, there were plenty of door prizes left to give away. Cathy started calling numbers 10 at a time. Just about everyone was able to walk away with something. By 1 p.m., we were just about ready to announce the winners. Kra-Z made the announcement and everyone made their way to the gazebo, actually under the gazebo would be a better statement!

     During the final closing ceremony, there were two major door prizes given away. Everyone who stuck it out for the weekend was eligible. Peter Zollers walked away with a complete 64-72 Hotchkis rear sway bar kit (donated by Bobs Automotive Speed Shop) and Tim Deale walked away with an Aluminum Edelbrock Manifold and chrome carburetor (donated by Ed's Mobile Home Supply). Also, by the way, Tim also won the 50/50 on Saturday...not a bad deal!

     After all of the class and special awards were presented to the winners, the big gun, Best in show, went to Al Galdi for his sweet '69 COPO. The final sponsor recognitions were made, and many thanks for to those that came and braved the weather. On a good note, with everyone gathering close together, there was plenty of bench racing going on! The final 50/50 was drawn and it was time to call it a day.

     Plans are underway for next years show...the 20th Anniversary. As the show continues to improve year after year, 2007 will be something special. Make plans to attend!


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