Kim Cogar's '66 SS


  Model: Chevelle SS

  Type: Hardtop Coupe

  Engine: 396 C.I.D.

  Transmission: 4-Speed

  Rear End: 3.07 12 Bolt

  Paint: Blue

  Interior: Black


Kim stumbled across this long-desired, totally original Chevelle in May 1995 and immediately purchased the car for $4,500.

The car was built in the Atlanta, GA plant and shipped to North Carolina where it was sold to a man for his young daughter who was involved in a minor collision shortly thereafter. As a result, a new GM quarter panel was installed and the car was traded in to the same dealer who sold it brand new.

It was then purchased from a gentleman who kept the car over 20 years (in the garage) until a man followed him home one day and offered to buy it. Reluctantly, the then 78 year old man sold the car to the younger gent who later decided to sell it during a Carlisle, PA swap meet to no avail. Upon driving the car back to North Carolina, he was stopped by a Maryland police officer who offered to purchase the car from him. Within a few days, the car was transported to Maryland where it's been ever since.

The police officer had the car painted then later sold the car to a youngster who drove it until he entered college. He then sold the car to the owner of a service station who never titled it in his name. This is the man who didn't know what he had. An ORIGINAL (completely) ORIGINAL SS 396 with a history! The day after Kim purchased the car for $4,500, she was contacted by a man who had previously looked into purchasing the car, and offered her $6,500 which she passed on. WHAT A BARGAIN!!!

Since ownership, Kim has loaded her up with original factory options and will be next, embarking on a project to house the car -- a three car garage. Then, the real restoration can begin. Plans are to restore as close to original as possible, adding a little hidden beef here and there.

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