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Arizona Classic Chevelle Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of all 1964-1972 Chevelles, whether they are stock, modified, or custom. Many of our members use their Chevelles as "daily drivers" and others have show cars! Whatever your interest, we are here for YOU!



British Columbia Chevelle Club is one of the Largest and Longest running network of A-Body Enthusiasts in Canada.  Started in 1984 by a hand full of Members with an interest in Chevelles.  The Club attends serveral functions though out the year such as Car shows, Cruises, Charity Drives.  The Club meets the second sunday of every month at Carter Pontiac Buick, 4550 Lougheed Burnaby B.C. at 2:00 pm.


Canadian Classic Chevelles & Beaumonts is open to all Beaumonts from 1962 to 1969, Chevelles from 1964 to 1983 and El Caminos and GMC derivatives from 1959 to 1987.


CanAm Chevelle Club is a collection of car enthusiasts and gear heads who enjoy working on, talking about, and driving these classics.  They come from various backgrounds and walks of life.  We also hope to have a varying age group as well, which will provide some vast experience in conjunction with some youthful thinking.


Carolina Chevelle Association covers North Carolina in our quest to promote the 1964-1972 Chevrolet Chevelle, Malibu, 300, El Camino and Wagons. 




Chevelle Club of Michigan - The general purpose of the Club shall be to encourage events, plan trips, and social activities for members and their families; to provide and regulate events and exhibitions for Club members; to act as a source of technical information.


Chevelles/El Caminos of Bakersfield Car Club - Are you a Chevelle and El Camino enthusiast or know someone that is?  If you own 64-77 Chevelles, Malibus, and El Caminos 59-77, or just have an interest in them, and are looking for other enthusiasts for a family oriented car club, then Chevelles/El Caminos of Bakersfield is the club for you.  Our purpose is to "Promote fellowship through the restoration and enjoyment of the classic Chevelle and El Camino."


Chevelle & El Camino Club Of Oregon is a new organization in town catering to those interested in the preservation and enjoyment of our favorite classic cars.


Heart of Dixie Chevelle Club is a group of Alabama Chevelle enthusiasts who have formed a club to share our appreciation of these great cars.  Our club mission is to provide a means of sharing information on parts, cars, and technical data.  Additionally, we will promote the appreciation of 1964 - 1972 Chevelles, Malibu's, El Caminos, and Nomads.  This will be accomplished through sponsoring of Chevelle Shows, our web site, and attendance in various weekend cruises.


Hoosier State Chevelle Association is a club formed especially for 64 - 72 Chevelle enthusiasts based in Indiana.



Long Island Chevelles was founded November 18th, 2004.  Serving the areas of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  Long Island Chevelles welcomes all American car enthusiasts with an emphasis on 1964 through 1972 Chevelles and El Caminos.




Mid America Chevelle Club is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of all stock, modified and custom 1964-1987 Chevelles & El Caminos.


Mid South Chevelle Club is located in the Nashville area in Middle Tennessee with an estimated 100 members.  The club members enjoy and take great pride in owning 1964 to 1972 Chevelle Super Sports, Malibu and El Camino's.




Midwest Chevelle Regional Governing Council promotes the unification of Midwest area Chevelle clubs and standardization of its members in the area of show promotion, show classes, awards, and sponsors to the extent possible.  By pooling resources and fostering a common judging standard where applicable, the Council members can better promote their individual shows and attendees will have a better understanding of what to expect at any show.

National El Camino Owners Association is a database-driven, dynamic content, virtual community for Chevrolet El Camino owners and friends.


New England Chevelle and El Camino Association has been in existence since 1990 and features cruises, monthly meetings, social gatherings, camaraderie, advice and the like.  New members are always welcome! 


Nor-Cal ChevelleCaminos promotes the enjoyment and restoration of Chevelle series cars and to enjoy our hobby in a recreational setting with friends who share the same interests.

Northern Illinois Chevelle Club is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of 1964-1987 Chevelles, El Caminos and 1970-1972 Monte Carlos.

Northern Ohio Chevelles is a club for all 1964 through 1988 Chevelles, El Caminos and Malibus.  It was founded by J.P. Rooke in April of 2004, after he met with Chuck Hanson at a 2003 regional event in Niagara Falls, New York. Chuck was the President and founder of A.C.E.S. (American Chevelle Enthusiasts Society), and the host of Horsepower TV.  Having seen what an A.C.E.S. associate clubs did at a car show, as well as the bond between these car owners was amazing.  A few months later, J.P. got back in touch with Chuck, and after hours on the phone and with his inspiration, we are now an associate club of A.C.E.S.

NorthStar Chevelle Club is a dedicated group of Restorers, Hot Rodders, Professionals and Shadetree Mechanics that share the love of some of the BEST Muscle cars ever made. They form a community of friends that get together for Cruises, Ideas, Bar-Bar Q's, Workshops and Car Shows to represent the absolute best Minnesota has to offer.






North Texas Chevelles are hard core gearheads that love what we do.  We love the smell of Burnt Rubber in the morning and Nitro-Methane at night.  We love the sound of a big block (and small blocks) screaming at 7000 RPM.  And we love the sound of a "Righteous" motor that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end as it lopes and shakes the fenders loose
at idle.  OOOOO-HA!

Oklahoma Chevelle & El Camino Owners Association are dedicated to promoting interest in and the preservation of 1964-1987 Chevelles & El Caminos.


Peach State Chevelles is one of Georgia's largest and oldest car clubs dedicated solely to 1964 through 1972 Chevelles and El Caminos. As a club member you will be associated with one of the best circle of Chevelle/El Camino fans in the world. This is a family oriented club where the children are welcome, and encouraged to attend all activities. Based in Metro Atlanta, Georgia we welcome Chevelle and El Camino lovers from anywhere.

Queen City Chevelle Club was established in 1983 for Chevelle owners and enthusiasts. We accept all Chevelle and El Camino models from 1964 through 1972. Our activities include monthly meetings, cruises, shows, picnics and cookouts.


Rocky Mountain El Camino Chevelle Club are dedicated to the enjoyment of 1964-1987 Chevelles and El Caminos.  If you have one of these great cars, are looking for one, or are just interested in them, please check out our club calendar and try to meet up with us. 


Southern California Chevelle Camino Club is made up of Chevelle and El Camino car enthusiasts from the Southern California region. IMG_1113.jpgThe purpose and goal of the Club is to assist Chevelle and El Camino enthusiasts in the preservation, restoration, and maintenance of these historical vehicles, whether stock or modified.  You don't have a Chevelle or EC?  No problem as we welcome anyone who has an admiration for them.

Team Chevelle is a group of Chevelle Enthusiasts who have gathered together to promote and maintain information and resources for the Chevrolet Chevelle and its derivatives, including the Super Sport, Malibu, El Camino, and GMC Sprint models.

" ...We are an open directory Cool Site"
"...The center of cyberspace for Chevelle enthusiasts" - Super Chevyy
"...An excellent place to immerse yourself" - Chevy High Performance


Tri State Chevelles Club is for 1964 to 1972 Chevelles & El Caminos in the Eastern Indiana, S/W Ohio & Northern Kentucky area.


Virginia Chevelle Enthusiasts Association is a group of Chevelle enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation of 1964 - 1972 Chevrolet Chevelles. We are based in the Northern Virginia area but have members all over the state.

Wichita Area Chevelle Owners is the first car club in Kansas dedicated to 1964-1987 Chevelles and El Caminos.



Yesterdays Chevelle & El Camino in Seattle, WA. is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and modification of all 1964-1972 Chevelles and El Caminos.