Project Cathy

In October of 2013, one of our members, Cathy Figuracion, was diagnosed with brain cancer.  She had undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Unfortunately, none of these treatments was able to completely get rid of the cancer.  She was sent home from the hospital, as there was no more they could do.

Cathy’s ‘71 SS Convertible was starting to show it’s age, so Cathy’s husband, John “Daddy” Fig (who many of you know) was in the process of restoring the car.  He was making good progress, which had to be put aside due to the circumstances.

At the January meeting, JJ (Cathy’s Son) gave us the sad news that Cathy may only have a few months left to be with us.  He also mentioned that she would like to have at least one more ride in her car before she moves on to that better place.  It was quickly decided that we would step up and do everything in our power to try and make this happen.  We would get the car and finish the restoration, as quick as possible, without compromising quality.  We were going to try to restore this car in a few short months... ambitious.. yes... can we do it?  We thought anything was possible!  Unfortuneately, We were not able to get the car completed before Cathy went to be with the Lord.  We got as far as getting the car painted, which Cathy did get to see the car pictures of before she passed.

Below are the articles that were written for the MCC newsletter as the car was restored.  Click on a thumbnail below to read the articles. 

If the article is too big to fit on your screen, click on the thumbnail, click on "open link in new window" then click on the picture.

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Article 2 - Page 7          
Article 3 - Page 1 Article 3 - Page 2 Article 3 - Page 3 Article 3 - Page 4 Article 3 - Page 5 Article 3 - Page 6
Article 3 - Page 7          
Article 4 - Page 1 Article 4 - Page 2 Article 4 - Page 3 Article 4 - Page 4 Article 4 - Page 5 Article 4 - Page 6
Article 5 - Page 1 Article 5 - Page 2 Article 5 - Page 3 Article 5 - Page 4    
We would sincerely like to THANK everyone for their support on this project!

The Figuracion Family

God Speed Ms. Cathy
(AKA...Mama Fig)

The Core Restoration Team
(Ed pienta not pictured)